PriceAdvantage's SMART Fuel Pricing™ is the industry-leading retail fuel price management solution
that optimizes fuel prices - synchronizing headquarters to the street.
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PriceAdvantage is the leading provider of fuel price management solutions to the convenience store industry. PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing allows fuel retailers to collect competitive data, determine optimized fuel pricing, and automate fuel price changes from headquarters to the street with price change confirmation feedback, creating a streamlined closed loop fuel pricing process. With PriceAdvantage, ROI is achieved in months not years, due to the ease of deployment and fast time to implement.

fuel price best practicesComplimentary resources from PriceAdvantage help Fuel Executives, Fuel Directors, and Fuel Managers implement top industry fuel pricing strategies.

Learn more on streamlining operations involved in fuel price optimization. Understand how to better achieve maximum profitability following best practices in fuel price management.


PriceAdvantage SMART Fuel Pricing is a highly specialized retail fuel pricing solution for the convenience store industry. Designed to maximize fuel profits, PriceAdvantage provides automation for the entire fuel pricing process from collection of competitive surveys, to sophisticated analysis for best price determination, to rapid speed-to-the-street price change execution with price change confirmation feedback.